About us

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With years of experience, We understand the struggles of removing unwanted materials. From clearance and ground leveling, laying turf, patios and new flower beds to removing stubborn tree stumps and roots.

Our male and female operators adhere to:

  • Being polite and friendly
  • Strict health & safety guidelines
  • Respect and care for surrounding areas
  • Maintain a clean and tidy site

So what can we do for you? 

  • Clearance    

Whether you are looking for a complete blank canvas or just an area you wish to renovate, we can clear areas of ground thoroughly and efficiently.

  • Ground leveling

Whether it’s moving existing soil around, removing excess material or                                   bringing in new quality topsoil. We can level, slope or build up areas to your custom design. We use a professional laser level to achieve levels or gradients to suit your project.

  • Excavations

These can be anything from foundations for new walls to patios or fish                                     ponds and driveways.

  • Removal

Stubborn tree stumps, shrubs, walls, patios, drives, sheds and more. We are also able to cut down small to medium size trees.

  • Loose material transferal

If you have a large delivery of loose materials e.g. soil, stones, chip bark etc. Save yourself hours of shoveling. We can use our machinery to quickly and efficiently transport it to a desired area. Whilst also providing the finishing touches to your specific needs.

Where to put the waste?

We don’t take waste products with us but we can recommend reliable and competitive waste collection companies who specialize in this area.

If you prefer we can make arrangements to have these services provided for you. We will work out the most cost effective method using either skips or waste removal grab lorries.

Could we help you further?

So you have your area cleared, your ground leveled, your excavation dug or that object removed. What now?

If you are looking at having a patio laid, your garden turfed or your borders filled with plants we can help. Having renovated many gardens we have experience in all of these areas and can help with maintenance, such as keeping that fresh new lawn crisp and mown regularly, ensuring those beautiful flower beds stay just that way and even pressure washing your patio to keep it looking fresh and clean. Take a look at our gardening section here. D.M.S GARDENING  

If you are looking to have an extension built, a new drive installed or your garden transformed from start to finish ask us for a free quote.

We don’t just provide a digger, we can also carry with us grinders for both metal and concrete, breakers, chainsaws and handsaws. as well as other hand tools. If you are looking to have materials delivered to complete your project we can arrange these to be delivered at competitive prices too.

We value our customers and provide you with your own personal free quote.

Please contact us for more details

We are based in Hockley Essex and can cater for all surrounding areas.

Call us: 07538 079978

Email us: dmsmicrodiggerhire@hotmail.com

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