In this section you can watch videos of our machinery in action.

This video shows our concrete breaker in use. Breaking up reinforced concrete which has a thickness of 8 inches / 200mm.

This video shows how effortlessly our machine can remove tree stumps.

This video shows our micro dumper in action, tipping a large tree stump into a skip.


This video shows the demolition of an old garden shed, which was unfortunately not reusable.

This video shows our machinery working inside a garage. A great advantage of it’s size.


This Video shows how we manoeuvre our digger from one ground level to another. We use the weight of the machine to compact the earth as we build up an area.

This video shows our machine entering a building to carry out excavation works and exiting again.


This Video shows how our machinary and operators are able to work safely and efficiently in a confined area.