Other Services We Provide

Complete landscaping
 We have experience in all types of landscaping work and will work with you from the initial planning stage all the way through to the end result.
Whether you are looking to have an entire garden landscaped or an area of an existing garden which you want to blend in we can help.
If you have a project coming up we can help do the preliminary work to ensure the area is prepared and ready for the project to commence.
 A driveway is becoming an essential part to any property with parking restrictions becoming more common. If you’re looking to have a completely new drive installed or renovate an existing one give us a call. We have experience in Concrete, shingle, slate, block paved and slabbed drives. We ensure only the best materials are used and adequate drainage is installed to meet regulations and avoid creating flooding. Sinking is a common problem with drives so we only use genuine sub-base materials and use correct depths for the vehicles using the drive.
We have experience in replacing damaged drains or installing a new drainage system. From foul waste drains to surface water solutions.
Footings are an essential part of any build. A new house, an extension or a garden shed, they all require a footing or a base. We have experience of excavating all types of footings and over sites and installing the concrete to if you would like us to. We ensure to carry out the work to building control standards and stay on site for building control approval.
 Looking for a new patio? We install them, From completely new or renovating an existing one. We have experience in laying all types of slabs including porcelain and block paving. Installing drainage where required and also incorporating raised or level flower beds if your design includes them.
If its traditional timber or the new composite decking we install them both. multi or single level and with or without banisters.
 A fence can transform the look of a garden as well as aiding privacy. We only use high quality materials to ensure your fence will last. We can install stepped fencing if your ground is sloped and add timber or metal gates if required.
Ponds and water features
 Ponds come in all shapes and sizes. We can advice you on the best to suit your garden and also for the type of fish you wish to have. We can install pre-molded or liners as well as the filter systems and waterfalls. All electrical work is carried out by a qualified electrician for your piece of mind and safety.
If your looking to add water without a pond a water feature is the option for you. There are many available to buy from various retailers or we can build one for you to your design.
Sheds and other garden buildings
 From a standard shed to summerhouses, log cabins, BBQ’s and pergolas ask us to do the hard work for you. We have experience in them all.
Stump Grinding.
Our digger mounted stump grinder enables us to tackle the most awkward to reach stumps and take the stumps down lower or completely remove the stump instead of just grinding it down to ground level. For more information please contact us or click here.
Tree Felling.
Have you got a tree that needs a prune or removing completely? give us a call for a free quote. stumps can be dug out or for less ground disruption, removed using our stump grinding service.