Stump Grinding & Tree Felling

Have you had a tree felled and been left with the stump?

Our excavator mounted stump grinder is here to help.

Stump grinding is friendly to the environment, cost effective and efficient. Our Excavator stump grinder is more versatile compared to the traditional walk behind style. we are able to reach over small walls, into flower beds and grind on inclines too. Our stump grinder is able to reach further into the ground than most traditional grinders allowing the full stump to be removed. The chippings created by the grinding of the stump can be used on flower beds as mulch or recycled.

We can grind away small or large stumps of any tree type and leave the area clean and tidy.


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How the area looks after stump grinding.


Stumps large and small no problem at all.

Large oak stump 2m diameter and 800mm high from ground level. I removed the whole stump, roots included to leave just soil in its place


Tree felling service also available.