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Hello and welcome to D.M.S Digger & Driver Hire.

Based in Essex, providing a professional, reliable and friendly service at competitive rates. Areas we are available include Essex, Kent, London and Suffolk. Please contact us for more information.  

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Choice of a micro digger or our larger mini digger. 

Micro diggers are small, powerful machines. We use a Bobcat E10. This useful machine gets the job done, whilst exerting minimal pressure on the ground beneath.

A micro digger will fit through standard 2′ 6″ doorways, alleyways or side gates for hard to access areas. With the ability to excavate down to 1.8m deep this machine is ideal for most footings as well as patio areas. fish ponds, tree stump removal and more where access is restricted.

Our Bobcat E19 is able to fit through an access of 1m wide. this larger, yet still compact machine is able to excavate down to 2.6m deep. With its extra size comes the extra power to progress your project on quickly. Equipped with a hydraulic thumb provides the machine the ability to handle larger items efficiently and precisely.

Both our E10 Micro digger and E19 mini digger are available with a concrete breaker / pecker. Stump grinder and an auger which can bore a 12″ (300mm) diameter hole up to 2m deep. 6″ (150mm) 8″ (200mm) and 12″ (300mm) diameter holes are available with the auger.

We can also provide a micro dumper or a 1 ton skip loader / dumper to save you time and money. Our Messersi dumper carries 500kg (about 6 large wheelbarrows) and has hydraulic lift to tip straight into a skip or flatbed truck. Coming in at under 700mm wide its the perfect machine to pair up with our E10 Micro digger. If you have the access for a larger machine our Terex 1 ton dumper can move a large quantity of material effortlessly. Also having the hydraulic lift capability it can load skips and trucks.

Saves time, money and takes the back breaking work out of your garden or building project. Hire a machine and operator to do the hard work for you.

You will be amazed at what can be achieved in a single day with one of our machines in the hands of our skilled driver.

No job too big. No job too small.

We can supply larger mini diggers and dumpers if the job requires.

We can also supply our own electricity on site for tools if required using the on board generator.

We use a professional grade laser level for accurate levels over large and small areas. We can also set the level to achieve different gradients as your project requires.

Various attachments supplied to suit your job. Including concrete breaker / pecker. Stump grinder and auger.

Ideal for

  • Ground levelling
  • Ground preparation for turf / patios
  • Ponds
  • Tree / shrub removal
  • Wall foundations
  • Driveways
  • Garden clearance
  • Allotment plot clearance / turnover
  • Soakaways
  • Ditching
  • Demolition
  • Extensions
  • Fencing
  • Plus many more applications
  • Groundwork also undertaken

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Labourers, wheelbarrows, hand tools, concrete cutting equipment and ramps can also be provided. Please ask for details.

This hire service is ONLY provided with our own skilled operator.

We also offer full landscaping and block paving installation.

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